Welcome to my art website, enjoy your stay. If you do not find something you like, we do custom jewelry orders and modifications. We can also do repairs on certain items. Just email us from the contacts page. There is more to come as my creative voice talks to ​me. 

Have one of our special pieces for a gift or treat yourself

Unique and Beautiful Art glass multi-use holders

 These are all hand crafted art glass. Candle holders, bowls, slumped wine bottles, abstract art pieces, glass (fused in our kilns), jewelry. They are all one of a kind.

The small candle holder bases measure 2 1/2 inches and are four inches tall. Some  can also be used for a pencil cup.   I have my toothbrush and toothpaste in one. The red and white swirl large is a candle holder   9 inches tall and 3 inch base. The medium size are 5 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches at the base they are double thickness and much heavier than the small holders. Necklace pendants and earrings are various sizes and shapes.

Email for availability. All items for sale locally also.

Jewelry Made from Art glass

Necklace pendants

Various prices

One of a kind beautiful art work.

Centerpiece Art Glass Bowls

These are kiln formed from Spectrum 96 art glass and are one of a kind. All of our art glass work can not be duplicated. We can make more of the same shapes but not copies as each piece of hand made glass is different.