Welcome to Creations of Value. I hope you enjoy your stay. If you need something special we do custom orders and modifications. We can also do repairs on certain items such as resize bracelets or make a pendant out of a favorite broach or pin. Just email us from the  contact button. Some of these items may be sold locally. Some can be made similar but none can be exactly the same as each piece is hand made and unique.


Red White & Blue fluted art glass bowl 11 inches


small holders $ 24.99  (2.5-3" tall 2.5" base)

medium holders $ 35.99 ( 3- 3.5" tall 3" base)

large holders $ 94.99 ( 9- 9.5 " tall 3-4 " base)

centerpiece bowls $119.99  (11- 11.5")

necklace pendants $22.99 ( size vary 1" to 3")


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11" red, white & blue bowl

blue streaky with led light

glass necklace pendant

red & black streaky candle holder

small clear candle holder with pink & green accents

medium orange & blue holder

medium candle holder

dark blue adventurine small holder

small grey streaky candle holder

Large candle holder red & white

art glass necklace pendants

clear with blue accents small holder

small blue streaky candle holder

multicolor medium candle holders

green streaky small candle holder

medium green candle holder

11-1/2 inch swirled bowl

stained glass panel in wood frame

Clear Folded Bowl

Red, White & Blue fluted bowl